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2024/01/12 22:56


去る202418日、弊社Instagram公式アカウント「yoakinsta (@yoakinsta)」(以下、当該アカウント)が第三者からの不正アクセスにより乗っ取られる事案が発生しております。





旧アカウント「yoakinsta (@yoakinsta)」 

新アカウント「yoaktokyo (@yoaktokyo)」




再発防止のために、フィッシングメールの対策強化、SNSアカウントの管理の徹底、また従業員教育の徹底を行って参ります。なお、202418日以降、弊社が当該アカウントを使用してダイレクトメッセージをお送りすることはございません。 万が一、弊社を騙った連絡や操作を促すURLやリンクを受信した場合には、開かずそのまま破棄いただくようお願いいたします。


**Announcement Regarding Our Official Instagram Account**

*January 12, 2024, 22:56*


Thank you for your continued support of our products. We regret to inform you that on January 8, 2024, our official Instagram account "yoakinsta (@yoakinsta)" (hereinafter referred to as "the Account") was compromised due to unauthorized access by a third party.


**About the Instagram Account:**

We have requested Meta to take appropriate measures, but we anticipate that prompt recovery of the Account will be difficult. Therefore, to continue providing valuable information to our customers, we have established a new Instagram account.


- Old Account: yoakinsta (@yoakinsta)

- New Account: yoaktokyo (@yoaktokyo)


We kindly ask for your support in following our new account.


**Preventive Measures:**

To prevent recurrence, we are strengthening measures against phishing emails, ensuring thorough management of our social media accounts, and reinforcing employee education. Additionally, please note that we will not send direct messages from the compromised account after January 8, 2024. If you receive any messages or links purportedly from us, please do not open them and discard them immediately.

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