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2015/07/03 11:06




YOAK footwear for that very special day. Creative based in Tokyo, footwear brand to do production.


Mass production and low pricing has become a standard now. However, we expect the future mainstream to be more focused towards product which have been thought through and most of all, authentic. If you buy a bag, you buy a bag brand. The same can be said for cut and sewn, hats, and shoes.


YOAK have been made into a product by a designer who has been involved in shoes for a long time in both the UK and Japan, interpreting the global trend, forefront product and also proficient craftsmanship. 




All of the shoes of YOAK attached a Guaranteed tag and will be able to use as shoes accessory and key chains. Please see an authentic product which houses style and function for yourself. YOAK will surely age and mature with you for a long time.