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2016/06/13 10:43



YOAK shoes are made manually by skilled craftsmen at a shoe manufacturing plant in Tokyo for more than half a century. This time, I will show you the manufacturing process of such shoes.




It is quite difficult to make shoes in Tokyo now. The reason is the decrease in craftsmen, factories, and labor costs and materials. On the other hand, there is a significant difference in the presence and strength of a delicate expression, the presence, and the strength of a craftsman.

Yoak's shoes are made at a studio where shoes are made in Tokyo over a half century. In this case, there is a good design for the famous designer brand collection shoes, military shoes for the Army,

YOAK shoes are made in a small studio in Tokyo. 





1. Creating a Last

Design and functional aspects are designed with the experience of designers and shoe craftsmen.






2. Manufacture, design and cutting of paper pattern

Based on design drawings, you can carefully create a pattern paper that becomes the basis of shoes. Grades to each size based on this type to create a crop for production.






3. Sewing

Use special sewing machines to stitch each part together manually. Unlike cloth and fabric, the leather is thick, so manual work requires technics.





4. Lasting

Put the finished upper layer on the wooden mold and shape it carefully into the shoe mold.






5. Buff
To increase the adhesion strength with the sole, take the time to make a buff.






6. Bottoming

The adhesive is applied, the bottom and the upper surface are firmly bonded to the crimping machine, and the side stitch is applied to enhance the adhesive strength. There are limited factories that can do this in Japan.





7. finishing

We can remove dust and dirt attached to the upper and put insole into the shoe box by design and size. 






How did you make shoes in Japan? YOAK shoes are not made of mass-production shoes, but they are made by the manual work of each polite craftsman. The sneakers made of genuine leather can be enjoyed by the life force that can only be felt with leather and the time of the year when it blends with your feet.




In this era of information and products, you can go back to analog and touch the real design and product.



Here's the product here.









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